This is part of my collection of songs
Its inspired by my ongoing mental
problems since the age of about 16
The Music
Actually a lot of the music is up beat and optimistic
so figure that one out, I wish I could.perhaps because
music takes me to another place that I can not otherwise
occupy, or maybe at the best of times opens a doorway
for me. Warning though there are some ballards, its
not pink and fluffy
Pick a track and listen from the mp3
files listed, or you can go here for a Flash movie,
with sound track. Across the darkness Warning its 5mb
so you need Broadband or ISDN or go get a
cup of tea whilst you wait.

Yes the Drugs do work, but they leave
you numb, which is not always how you want
to be. Actually they work well, as you can see
in the happy smiley picture where I am dancing
with my friend Emma at Transliving, but life is not
always a party.

I have been on Fluoxetine for about 4 years
now on and off, but the trouble is that once I have
been off it for a few months I end up back where I
started from.
Yes I can live a fairly normal life most of the time but
its something that people on the whole are not too
sympathetic about.
Well you can't win them all I suppose
If I can be bothered, the Cd will be available in the
Why not drop me a line at


Love my Music
Diana's Place .


MP3 File 2 Guitars and string pad.mp3

MP3 File Ralphs Hat DStone 2008.mp3
MP3 File Breath of Life DStone 2008.mp3
MP3 File Buddha Nature1-D Stone.mp3
MP3 File D Stone Indiras net 2008.mp3
MP3 File D Stone Just noodlin 2008.mp3
MP3 File Retro atmosphere 72 D Stone 2008.mp3
MP3 File Diana Stone Magic flute baby.mp3
MP3 File Life with out regret DStone.mp3
MP3 File Diana Stone - Heaven with trumpets .mp3
MP3 File Diana Stone -A good day.mp3
MP3 File Riff for jamming-Dstone 2007.mp3
MP3 File Diana Stone -Its all about me .mp3
MP3 File Little Girl.mp3
MP3 File Diana Stone-Bring on the light 251 song.mp3
MP3 File Diana Stone-Sunrise .mp3
MP3 File Diana stone- Rain .mp3
MP3 File See Me Blue-Stone.mp3
MP3 File Diana stone-Guitar holiday.mp3
MP3 File Shifting Sands-D Stone 2007.mp3
MP3 File Diana stone-Miss spent youth.mp3
MP3 File Edwardian Alison D Stone.mp3

MP3 File Glass cage - Anything .mp3
MP3 File Stone Vear-Knowing You.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Anything else.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Call across the darkness.mp3
MP3 File Murder mile-D Stone.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Captain nowheres blues.mp3

MP3 File Glass cage - Disintegration.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Eventually.mp3
MP3 File Only Anger-DStone.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Everything was perfect.mp3
MP3 File only comes on.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Hidden pleassures 2.mp3
MP3 File someone-D stone S Wilson.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Hidden pleasures 1.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - I Fall at your feet.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Not Ibeatha.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Once.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Outsiders.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Play me wrong .mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Play station .mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Start to cry.mp3
MP3 File Glass cage - Subject to flattery.mp3
MP3 File HollowEyes-D Stone.mp3
MP3 File Just the end D Stone 2007.mp3
MP3 File Super String Theory D Stone 2008.mp3
MP3 File Tea Dance Music1-D stone.mp3
MP3 File The damage that you do-D stone.mp3
MP3 File Wheres my blue.mp3