Lonely Fish:

The latest album from Glass cage

Featuring as ever Diana.

Download Mp3 Files here
Track 1 The last fish in the river maybe ? Lonely fish
Track 2 Playing games acting and always on view Limelight Absurdity
Track 3 Can't get my head around it Head
Track 4 The Perfect Evening Perfect Evening
Track 5 Ain't going happen Ain't going happen
Track 6 Candle down Candle down
Track 7 Gezellig (instrumental) Gezellig
Track 8 I had a love I had a love
Track 9 The wind never stops (instrumental) The wind never stops
Track 10 Shoe Gazy Shanty Shoe Gazy Shanty
Track 11 Where did it come from (instrumental) Where did it come from

Equipment used: Korg 01/Wfd, Korg MonoPoly,(venerable old synth),
Yamaha digital Piano and Roland SP 505 sampler,
plus other bits and bobs. Guitars of various sorts, electric and accoustic
and occasional violin

All instruments played by the lovely me of course !Diana at east of 8 New York

i am still seeking my mythical band, maybe its out there somewhere.
We all need a dream to cling to when too much reality fills your head.
And that can happen rather frequently right now.

Lonely Fish