Diana S "Stranger Songs"

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Diana S - Awake or asleep.mp3
Diana S - Dambusty.mp3
Diana S - Dorich.mp3
Diana S - Drifiting casual Free.mp3
Diana S - End of Story.mp3
Diana S - Fly blown.mp3
Diana S - FridaY FOR ME.mp3
Diana S - Guests song.mp3
Diana S - Listen.mp3
Diana S - Return to El Clos.mp3
Diana S - Snipit.mp3
Diana S - When Crystal balls.mp3
Diana S - broken sword.mp3
Diana S - fog of expectations.mp3
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These are some of the latest recordings I have made,
between December of last year and
today Sun August 2022 .
Crysler building by day
If you visit this page you will find
the latest material I have been
working on
If you enjoyed this music you can make a donation here
New York Night shot
Also on this page there will be a few home movies !
They are in Windows media format. Dont worry it's not art.